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Grover Gaming will make its debut in the new development hub

Creator of software, content and gaming systems Grover Gaming announced its intention to open a new game development studio in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The group's new game studio will consist of six different game development teams, each of which will include 3D artists, game developers / developers, quality assurance specialists and quality testers.

In addition, the studio management team will include the studio general manager, art director, game design director and game development director.

"Despite the fact that we have added 100 new employees in the last eighteen months, we are still making every effort to hire high-quality people every day," Garrett Blackwelder, CEO of Grover Gaming .

"Fortunately, the pandemic did not slow down our hiring last year and we firmly believe that having a gaming studio in Wilmington will allow us to expand our development team faster."

Grover Gaming currently develops software, game content, and game systems for lottery and gaming charity jurisdictions, and is licensed in Ohio, New Hampshire, Commonwealth of Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Ontario, Canada, and the Community Virginia.

"This expansion really makes sense to us," he added Kevin Morse, director of market development . “Wilmington is growing as fast as we are and we know that having an independent game studio there will allow us to continue attracting top-notch talent.

"We are confident that Wilmington and New Hanover County will continue to do the great job they have been doing."

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